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Avena Sativa Oat Meal Extract - Oat SILK Natural Skin Care

Oat SILK (Avena sativa (Oat) Meal Extract) is a fine oat flour offering textural modification to even the most basic emulsions and imparts a luxuriant and silky feel to skincare creams and lotions.”


Ingredient Information


  • Oat SILK is an ECOCERT approved natural oat flour designed to offer textural modification to skin care and colour cosmetic formulations.

  • Oat SILK is produced removing the outer bran layer of the kernel and fine milling the extract.

  • Oat flour, unlike other cereal grains is naturally high in lipids increasing Oat SILK’s efficacy and functionality.

NameMonograph ID%CASEINECS
Avena sativa (Oat)Meal Extract8557100%84012-26-0281-672-4


Oat SILK 12ECOCERT/COSMOS approved natural Oat Flour which imparts luxuriant and silky feel to emulsions and has an immediate brightening and mattifying effect on skin tone.
Oat SILK IRRA sterile version of Oat SILK 12


  • Oat SILK is a debranned and standardised oat flour manufactured to ensure a controlled and small particle size (50% of particles less than 50 microns, 100% less than 160 microns).

  • Oat SILK is rich in polar lipids as well as starch and low in proteins

  • Imparts smooth and silky sensory effects to formulations.

  • Oat SILK will remove greasiness and add structure in addition to providing a silky tactile feel.


Oat SILK is a versatile ingredient which is adaptable and easy to use for formulators:

Creams and Lotions

Controlled particle sizeConsistent formulation
Fine particle size (50% of particles less than 50 microns, 100% less than 160 microns)Aesthetically pleasing product
High polar lipid contentEasy to formulate
Forms stable emulsionsVersatility of products
Transforms sensory attributes of basic emulsionsImparts silky feel in lotions and creams
Excellent textural characteristicsCreates smooth creams at low inclusion rates
Absorbent propertiesReduces ‘greasiness’ of emulsions

Colour Cosmetics

Controlled particle sizeConsistent and smooth pressed powders
Small particle size (50% of particles less than 50 microns, 100% less than 160 microns)Highly compactable
High polar lipid contentImproves cake integrity/td>

Transforms sensory attributes of basic emulsionsImparts silky feel in pressed powder cosmetics

It is a highly versatile ingredient and can by used in a wide a range of products, including powders, lotions and creams. See our formulation database for ideas. We have selected two example formulations below:

Technical specification

SpecificationOat SILK 12
Colour:Off white to cream
Approximately Viscosity (cps):10 cps
Approximate Moisture:Approx. 9%
Approximate Protein:Approx 12.00%
Approximate Fat:Approx 7.0%
Approximate Nitrogen:Approx 1.5%
Particles Size: Over a 160μm Airjet Screen:0
Microbial; cfu per g
Total Viable Count Bacteria:<100 cfu per g
Total Viable Count Yeasts and Moulds:<100 cfu per g


CertificationOat SILK 12 Oat SILK IRR
COSMOS Natural
Free from Genetically
Modified Organisms
Free from Allergens
Not Tested on Animals


Pack Size

Oat SILK is available in:

  • 25kg 3ply sacks

  • 10kg Pails

  • 5kg Pails


DownloadOat SILK 12 Oat SILK IRR